Oh, The Horror of a 1-Star Review!

A friend stops by to see you at the restaurant before you open for the night, and gives you that concerned look, causing you to immediately ask “What’s wrong?”

She quickly asks if you’ve seen the outrageous review that was left about you on Yelp giving your restaurant only 1-star.

You scramble to your computer to check out what is being said about you online (despite it being 5 minutes until you open your doors) and gasp at the nonsense displayed before you, as you read this horrendously inaccurate review you knew nothing about. You want to reply to these comments, and explain yourself, but you have no time, and your staff is ready for their pre-shift meeting so you’re stuck… and fuming… and now it’s time for dinner service. 

All too often we hear stories similar to this one, and in nearly every instance, the business owner revealed that they wished they had known about the review sooner so they could handle responding to it. 

It can be troubling to know that anyone can say anything about your business at any time online – and it’s completely out of your control. Luckily,  how you handle responding to these reviews and how quickly you stay on top of them, is something you can control… with the right tools of course.

Meet the Social Hub (and it’s widgets)!

The Hub is a dashboard that houses anything and everything surrounding your business digitally, all in one place.

Need to know what’s being said about you online? Oh, the Social Hub can tell you. No time to log in daily and check it out? No Problem! The Social Hub can be easily set up to send you a text alert each morning with the previous day’s activity surrounding your business, if any occurred — This way you know to log in and check it out.

So what are these helpful widgets on the Social Hub?

The Reviews Widget: Your new best friend. 

This section of the Social Hub displays a basic overview of where your reputation stands, from a star-rating standpoint, as well as how you stack up in your industry. But more importantly, it streams in every review from every review site right into your dashboard. So remembering all those logins for every review site is irrelevant – you can see it all (and respond to it all) immediately from one place. (Score!) 

The Social Media Widget: Marketing made easy!

This widget is a time-saver. Once you easily connect your Social Media accounts, you can do it all. It shows all of the activity surrounding these accounts, as well as a tracker of who is following you. With a simple click, you can post out to both Twitter and Facebook at once and schedule posts to go out in advance. Saves time you don’t really have, and provides a free way to effectively market your business.

The Email Marketing Widget: (We’re pretty pumped about this too!)

Nothing beats having the ability to send out emails to your customers and bring them back in your door. This widget collects email addresses for you (attach some code we provide to your website to easily do so), and gives you the ability to craft beautiful email campaigns and track all of the stats tied to them. Yes, it’s included for free.

The Listing Score Widget: Making sure people can find you

Without getting too in-depth, your listing score is more or less like a credit score for your business. It measures how you rank in terms of search-ability across the web. So if your score is low, it will show you where to update your business info on the web so that you appear higher in search rankings, and that your customers (or more importantly, new customers) find you easily.

Full access to the Social Hub is currently offered for free to new customers for 30 days. This allows you to test it out in its fullest, so you can see just how valuable it is! Have questions? Contact us to learn more!

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