How to Make Money Using Tacos, Pasta & Chocolate.

You really can find a reason to celebrate SOMETHING on any given day of the year. What’s even better, is you can capitalize on celebrating certain days of the year to not only help your business grow, but as a fun and creative way to market your restaurant and single yourself out from a lot of the competition.

So, how do Tacos, Pizza and Chocolate fit in to all this?

As October looms in the not so distant future, we took a look at the national days in store for this typically Halloween-focused month, and thought about some ways we can deviate from the norm, and celebrate some of  the most widely recognized (and thoroughly enjoyed) food items in the world.

Let’s Talk Tacos.

Let’s just say the Taco originated in Mexico (some may argue otherwise) but wherever you choose to claim as its origin, doesn’t really matter. People everywhere LOVE tacos. So let’s capitalize on that love shall we? Because National Taco Day is October 4th.

“But how on earth could my pizza place or even a coffee shop take advantage of celebrating this day, or even think about serving tacos?” you ask.

Answer: You probably shouldn’t start serving tacos.

But what you CAN do, is perhaps create a spin off of the popular item. Or even collaborate with another local business that may be more taco-centric if you will.

Perhaps your specialty slice at the pizza shop that day (or week, or month if you want to stretch it out) could be a taco slice; Or your calzone could be filled with seasoned taco meats and fillings. That sounds pretty delicious!

And how can your coffee shop celebrate this day? OK, so maybe infusing coffee with taco flavors might not sound too enticing (or even taste remotely normal), but this is where you can think outside the box.

Have a local taco joint nearby? Grab a gift card or two from them, and run a contest by your patrons where they can win that prize. Buy 5 coffees that week and get one of those gift cards, or fill up your punch card in the month of October and win a taco dinner. Not only will it possibly bring in new taco-loving clientele for a chance to win a prize, but your neighboring local business will appreciate the publicity!

Pasta a Thousand Ways

Being somewhat of a blank canvas in itself makes pasta so versatile. So you can easily celebrate National Pasta Day on October 17th, by creating unique and captivating pasta specials that wow your guests.

Sure we think of pasta as an appetizer or main course, but what about desserts? We found this fun article that features some very interesting ways to incorporate pasta into some sweet, and delicious looking creations!

What’s so fun about highlighting these food-specific national days, is you can go completely outside the box with them. You can do something that might really showcase your talents, but may not fall in line with your everyday offerings. But why not go for it? Fun and unique pasta specials will grab the attention of your guests, make for some great marketing leading up to it, and hopefully reengage guests that may have not visited you in awhile. Don’t forget to stay active with it all on Social Media though – and post photos of your delicious creations as well.

Can Anyone Really Say No to Chocolate?

Even if you aren’t a chocolate fan, you know someone who is. And you will most certainly have customers that can’t resist its temptation either. With that said,  there are SO many ways for you to celebrate National Chocolate Day on October 28th.

Obviously if your establishment serves dessert, feature some extra special chocolate options that day. Or, splurge a bit on some chocolates that you can give to each guest right before they leave your restaurant. “Happy National Chocolate Day! Hope to see you again soon!”

Adding chocolate martinis or various hot chocolate beverages to your drink list might be a fun way to kick off or end a meal, and what about incorporating it into some menu items? Mole sauce anyone?

Marketing these national holidays is all about creativity. There are countless ways to interpret them, and so many ways to benefit from them financially. The goal is to set yourself apart from the rest, stay consistent with social media to engage with your followers, and most importantly to have fun with them. Your fun ways of celebrating will leave a lasting impact on your guests, and you can be sure that they will tell their friends!


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