6 Major Reasons to Utilize Email Marketing Today

What’s so great about Email Marketing anyway?

If you’re not already collecting email addresses from your customers, you’re losing out on so many opportunities to turn one-time customers into loyal customers that visit over and over again. Restaurants are businesses that can especially benefit from email marketing—here’s why:

1. It helps to build a relationship with your customer base.

People who subscribe to your mailing list are looking forward to getting emails from you, so give the people what they want! Sending out email campaigns is a great way to keep your customers engaged and well-informed on what’s going on with your business. When you make updates to your menu or changes to your hours of operation, host events, and run specials/promotions, your customers want to know! Email marketing is a fast and easy way to get that information across and keep your loyal customers feeling in-the-loop.

2. Email marketing has the highest ROI among marketing channels.

Email marketing is expected to generate an average of about $42 for every $1 spent in 2020 (DMA), which is a 4,200% ROI! That makes it one of the least expensive and most effective marketing tools available to your business.

3. It’s a great opportunity to build your brand.

Every email campaign you send out provides both your new and existing customers with insight on what your business is all about. Email marketing can help to demonstrate your business’s values, goals, atmosphere, and so much more. It allows you to make your voice heard and lend your customers an understanding of who you are as a business.

4. You can personalize your marketing efforts to enhance visibility, boost customer loyalty, and increase sales.

Take it to the next level with personalized subject lines and trigger emails based on consumer behavior and data collected. This not only creates a more personal experience for your customers, but also increases your likelihood of converting your email campaigns to sales! Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened (Campaign Monitor), and personalized emails have been found to deliver 6x higher transaction rates (Experian) than the generic variety! Trigger emails can also be used to acknowledge and reward your customers for frequent visits- and who doesn’t love that?

5. Email has a higher conversion rate than search engines and social media combined.

Email campaigns have an average conversion rate of 4.29%, with search engines at 3.04% and social media at 1.81% (Smart Insights). While social media may be great, your customers are more likely to be receptive to and interact with your business via email, so it’s worth a shot!

6. It’s easy to use and FREE with your Ordereze subscription!

Our built-in Email Builder technology makes creating and sending engaging email campaigns easier than ever! Our platform gives you the option to choose predefined layouts or start from scratch to design campaigns that are both eye-catching and informative. Easily edit text, images, and colors, add dividers and call-to-action buttons, and preview what your campaigns will look like on different devices. Email Builder also offers options to set up Trigger emails based on data collected through your other Ordereze services (such as WiFi Connect and Online Ordering Pro) and campaigns with Promotions built right in!

Ready to start collecting emails and sending personalized campaigns? Reach out to us today for more tips and tools for success.

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