8 Smart Ways Restaurants are Adapting to the Global Pandemic

In a time of great uncertainty, restaurants and eateries are at risk for potentially losing business. Now is the time to prepare and be proactive when it comes to marketing. Take a look at some of the innovative ways restaurants around the country are adapting in order to keep business thriving:

1. Restaurants are relying on online ordering to keep revenue coming in and limit contact

Offering online ordering is a smart move for restaurants who want to increase revenue, and it’s now an option that’s more important than ever with so many states restricting dine-in altogether. Due to illness, self-quarantine, or just precautionary measures, consumers will be looking for safer options when it comes to dining. Restaurants are taking action to offer online ordering and advertising announcements online so that their customers are aware of this easy and safe alternative.

It’s worth looking into cost-effective online ordering platforms that can be implemented quickly, like Online Ordering PRO.

2. Servers are taking on more important roles to deliver orders

In the wake of emergency, restaurants are cutting unnecessary expenses and utilizing their staff members in smarter ways. For example, many restaurants are disabling third-party delivery apps with high commission fees and handing the role of delivering orders over to current employees, so they can still work during this time. This give restaurants the opportunity to keep 100% of their profits, and also keep a sense of normalcy among employees.

3. Alternatives to traditional pickup and delivery are on the rise

With so many people opting for social distancing, more and more restaurants are quickly implementing dine-in alternatives to reduce as much contact as possible. If your customers don’t already offer takeout, they are potentially at risk for great loss. Furthermore, many restaurants have added even more options for their customers such as curbside pickup, or what some businesses are calling unattended deliveries; meaning that orders are dropped off on a front step or porch. Of course, all transactions are handled online.

4. Meals are being sold frozen, ready to be prepared at home

Many restaurants are showcasing the various ways that they’re adapting to provide a source stability within their communities. In addition to taking extra measures to stay increasingly sanitary, some restaurants are freezing meals that customers can prepare in the comfort of their own homes in order to contain the spread of germs.

5. Changes within establishments are being made to lessen contact

With restrictions already in place on lowered maximum capacities within establishments, restaurants are doing their part to further distance their customers by making simple changes indoors, like increasing the distance between customer tables. The CDC has defined close contact as 6 feet, which is what many restaurants seem to be following to put their customers more at ease.

6. Social media is being used as a resource for disclosing increased sanitary measures

With news breaking every few minutes, consumers are relying on social media as the fastest way to keep up with the most recent happenings. Many restaurants are using social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to let customers know the measures they are taking in house. Consumers feel much more at ease knowing that restaurants are going above and beyond to sanitize frequently.

7. Website announcements are making for clear communication between restaurants and consumers

Consumers navigate to business websites to find information on a regular basis, so updating information accordingly now is wise. Using tools like pop-ups is a smart way to get the user’s attention, and putting current restaurant standards in front of them right away can help reassure them that visiting or ordering takeout is safe.

8. Contacting customers via email is another option for direct communication

In addition to using social media and the website as a tool for communication, your customers can notify their email contacts as well. They may want to consider sending a candid campaign to their customers to let them know in detail what is going on in house. This can act to further reassure that visiting the establishment is safe.

Please note: As you can imagine, many of our restaurant partners nationally have been requesting verbiage be added to their social media platforms and websites regarding their response to the pandemic. Each of these businesses are handling their respective situation a little differently. With this in mind, Ordereze will not be able to create Coronavirus related content for any of our partners. If you have specific content you would like to forward and have posted on your behalf, by all means, that’s why we’re here, but given the fluid nature of this situation and subjective responses of our clients, Ordereze will not be able to create content on behalf of our partners, as each restaurant is taking different measures that we cannot assume.

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